If It Ain’t Broke…

Don’t Change a Thing

This beautiful home in Brooke Forest just needed a new layer of protection.  The brown and green worked great together so we asked for an exact color match down at Bergen Park Paint. We used Benjamin Moore’s product Arborcoat. We always suggest this product for its ability to stand up to the harsh sun and cold snows on the mountain.

This home hadn’t been painted in about ten years and the wood was in bad shape. We gave it a good pressure wash, let that dry out and then sanded down the rough parts. After two coats of Arborcoat semi solid stain on the house and three on the deck, it was looking like new!

It’s important to maintain your wood or log home, especially if you favor the stained wood look. We recommend re-staining every 5 years. Regular maintenance can help you cut costs in the long run as it’s much more work to restore wood than it is to just update the current stain. Let us know if you need any tips on caring for your log home!


Cabin in Conifer

This colorful fireplace was a fun project! Our clients were a wonderful couple new to the area looking to have their entire cabin repainted. Their previous home was off white throughout but they couldn’t remember the exact color. I suggested Navajo White by Benjamin Moore for the walls and ceilings to add warmth to the little cabin. For the Fireplace, I chose Alexandria Beige and Ivory Tusk to compliment the raw wood mantel.



1920s Highlands Home

Take a tour of our work through this beautiful 1920s style house in the Highlands. The unique architecture and history of this house made updating this home one of my favorite projects to date.  We painted the entire first and second stories walls, fireplace, ceilings, trim, cabinets, and doors. The walls we painted in Revere Pewter and the trim in True White (OC-151) by Benjamin Moore.

The Cozy Kitchen

Reminiscent of the 70s, the kitchen was bright yellow from top to bottom. Understandably our clients weren’t feeling particularly nostalgic at least for the yellow cabinets and trim! Their mid-century kitchen is feeling much more modern and inviting with it’s white and gray update.

New Kitchen.jpg

A Parlor for Parties

This cozy gathering space for family and friends received a face lift of sorts. Lightening that dark brown trim makes the room feel larger. The fireplace was painted Eagle Rock to keep the look modern and tie in the black metal. If I could have changed one thing, I would have painted the fireplace a more neutral dark grey to better compliment the walls.


A Work of Art

The high coffered ceilings and wood paneled accent walls demanded our upmost attention to detail. Balancing on ladders and craning our necks, we carefully taped and caulked each section before painting. Our patience was rewarded by beautiful, crisp, straight lines and angles in the stairwell and on the dining and living room ceilings.


Gold Accents

In the dining room, the built in vintage buffet with its gold leaded diamond windows demanded my attention. To update the color but retain the vintage charm required some creativity. The gold on the lead would peel off if taped so I carefully painted the edges on the glass doors by hand. The buffet and fireplace face each other so we suggested painting them both the same accent color, Eagle Rock, by Benjamin Moore.


Buffet_Dining Room

Something Blue

Installed 60 years prior by the father of the current owners, the existing trim was in need of a lot of TLC. Updating the yellow kitchen, dark brown dining and living rooms, and teal in the master bedroom to brilliant white took a week in and of itself. Our preparation consisted of spackling and sanding down holes and dents and caulking the gaps between the walls and trim itself. Then on to priming, re-sanding, and then spraying the trim with plenty of drying time in between each coat. The resulting glass lacquered wood is worth the long process!



White on White

Aaron sprayed all the trim and cabinetry throughout the house. I thought the picture below was a good example of just how much I rely on his expertise!





Pink Shed Turned Man Cave

We just finished painting a really cool Tuff shed turned man cave in a beautiful backyard in Morrison. You can tell the homeowner put a lot of love and care into his landscaping and that this transformation was the last step. The pink just wasn’t giving it that boys’ retreat feel but the new green/gray is the perfect finish.

Randy even got to come to work with us today and he loved running around with the owner’s Labrador retriever, Homer.

I’m really excited about the finished project. We used Ben Exterior by Benjamin Moore. The low luster finish is beautifully sleek and provides extra protection for wood in the harsh Denver weather. Tell us your thoughts and let us know how we can help you add the finishing touches to your dream home!