The Best Colors for Your Home, 2018

2017 was all about the grays.  Warm or cool grays with white trim are lovely and still very much in style for the current year; however, 2018 brings with it a pop of warmth.  Reds are all the rage according to HGTV and Better Home and Gardens.  Using red as an accent wall among whites and warm grays adds passion and interest to a room.  Cranberry Cocktail and Caliente by Benjamin Moore are very popular choices for dining rooms and living rooms and great examples of the both ends of the warm and cool spectrum.  Add passion to your bedroom with accents in Flamenco by Benjamin Moore. Some beautiful grays include Sharkskin and Stone. No matter what you choose for your home, choose something that makes you happy and then give Evergreen Painters a call!


Happiness is Color

It’s a brand new year.  Time to make some positive changes.  Do your goals include spending more time with family, de-stressing, or eating more meals around the kitchen table?  Whatever your resolution, most of us make them to increase our happiness.  According to Psychology Today, one easy way to improve your happiness is to improve your surroundings. Tidying up your kitchen, re-painting your living room, or upgrading your bathroom are all brilliant ways to make a positive change to your home.  “These inexpensive adjustments create intimate nurturing spaces, which help to encourage positive habits.”

Color has a strong influence on our mood and can transform the way we feel about a space.  That stark white kitchen with outdated oak cabinets and trim can feel uninviting, but; changing those colors and you may just find yourself drawn to the room.  In fact, have the kitchen and or living room re-painted and you may find the whole family spending more time cooking together or chatting about your days simply because it’s become a pleasure to spend time in those rooms.

You can also change the vibe and energy of a room by changing the color.  If you’d rather your dining room have a more romantic or modern feel, try introducing a dark blue like Benjamin Moore®’s Opera Glasses with white trim. (One of our recent clients used this color in their bathroom and it looks absolutely gorgeous!)  “In terms of decorating dollars, a fresh coat of paint may provide the best bang for your buck.” Warm colors like reds, violets, and oranges inspire energy and happiness,  while cool colors like blues, grey, and purples inspire calmness, and create a cozy feeling.

Some of Aaron’s favorite hues come from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors. Take a look at these shades here:

If you’re looking to change colors and mood in your home, take a look at our inspiration pics collected from around the web and from some of our client’s projects then give us a call!

Happy New Year!

-The Evergreen Painter’s Team